The Alluring Anakore

“This ship is called The Alluring Anakore do you get it do you get it? It’s improbable like a clumsy dancer or civilized elf so when you hear it you laugh and underestimate it but the joke’s really on you!” – Mianju, Nibanese dancer and passenger aboard The Alluring Anakore

The Alluring Anakore is the humorous (at least, in his opinion) name of Jan So-Ruk’s recently acquired silt skimmer. With four massive wheels and a large sail, The Alluring Anakore is capable of traversing most Athasian terrain.

While most silt skimmers can transport 20 average-sized humanoids and three tons of cargo besides, The Alluring Anakore was formerly the personal vehicle of a Raamite noble, and so boasts six incredibly spacious cabin rooms. If you ask Feron Navir, the pilot and captain of this journey, he can’t wait to get to Balic and have the shipwrights there convert the decadent square footage into a more economic and money-making cargo storage area. Until then, however, he has to make some pieces of ceramic, which is where you come in.

If you ask Jan, Feron’s improbable friend and financier, he’ll just tell you a story about how he fleeced it off that “stupid noble from Raam what got her head up the Queen’s butt with revolutionary talk, har har” and then offer you a chew of his pandick weed.

The silt skimmer requires a crew of four: Feron, Jan, and the mul twins Twidl and Twudl. Out of coin, Jan So-Ruk is relying on his passengers for extra guards and protection, a choice that Feron fairly strongly disagrees with.

Besides the party, The Alluring Anakore is ferrying Mianju, a somewhat embarrassing Nibanese dancer, and an enigmatic old man from Urik. Its journey started in Raam, and since then it’s stopped in Nibenay, Urik, Tyr, Altaturk, and Grak’s Pool.

The Alluring Anakore

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