Mianju the Clown

For all her ridiculous and strange behavior, Mianju is a gifted Nibanese dancer.

Mianju the Clown is the stage name of a Nibanese dancer and jester traveling on The Alluring Anakore. Though jesters are widwly known to be spies and assassins in disguise, Mianju seems barely capable of dance; she is constantly tripping over her robes — garishly colored and large enough for two dancers — and would have broken her nose by now, if not for that wooden mask she constantly wears. (In fact, you realize you’ve never seen her face, only her deep, brown eyes and unkempt hair.)

Possessing none of the stereotypical haughtiness and pretension of a Nibanese, Mianju spends much of her time peppering crew and passengers alike with inane questions. Feron has taken a deep dislike to the woman, while Jan amuses himself by attempting to keep up with her hyperactive speech.

Still, her voyage toward Balic is not entirely baffling. Despite her apparently universal incompetence, when she practices on the deck of the silt skimmer, she proves utterly at ease and startlingly graceful at all three forms of Nibanese dance: the beautiful and stately liaka-ih, brandishing a rainbow of scarves and ribbons; the comedic and noisy priytu-ih dance, for which she seems particularly suited; and the fierce, combative wriquo-ih, featuring warrior-like moves and wooden swords.

Mianju the Clown

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