Jan So-Ruk

Jan hates the forests of Gulg and Nibenay. Give him the violent, honest desert any day of the week.

Jan So-Ruk is a dwarven exile of one of Tyr’s most powerful merchant houses, or so he claims, since on other days he’ll boast of his long and proud Nibanese heritage. Whatever the case, Jan So-Ruk is an experienced trader and owner of The Alluring Anakore who, along with his partner Feron Navir, is looking to take the silt skimmer to Balic and have it fitted as a cargo transport. Though older, Jan acts younger than Feron, often drinking and chewing his pandick weed with reckless abandon and shirking his duties with equal enthusiasm. (His behavior isn’t the only difference between Jan and most of his race — unlike every other dwarf you’ve met, Jan boast a thick, full beard and a head of hair.)

Despite his unproductive work ethic, Jan has proven a useful companion on board the ship; his carefree habits make for a wild, dangerous fighter, and even in the most stressful situations he’ll spout quips and keep a cool head. In this way, he fits the detail-oriented and tightly wound Feron.

Jan is also responsible for bringing along the mute mul twins, Twidl and Twudl, though of course those are only the names he’s given them.

When asked about Feron, Jan will laughingly reassure you that Feron’s an excellent pilot and a clever trader, don’t you worry. When asked about Jan, Feron will tell you to shut up and leave him alone.

Jan So-Ruk

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