Hyronius Phanes

Praetor Epistate Hyronius dons his armor.

Young, handsome, and charismatic, Hyronius Phanes has emerged from humble origins to become the most famous and popular praetor in Balic today. The son of a failed playwright and a mediocre potter, Hyronius proved his psionic and physical gifts while serving as in the Third Legion. After the templar in charge off his patrol had fell, Hyronius single-handedly fended of a giant raiding party, making him a legend in taverns and markets all over Balic.

When he later ran for the position of praetor, he won in a landslide (after a verbal evisceration of his opponent, who foolishly assumed Hyronius lacked oratory skills) and immediately set about pushing for reforms. The Chamber of Patricians meekly followed his guidance, and — to everyone’s surprise — Dictator Andropinis approved of the newly independent judiciary. Hyronius perhaps earned this allowance, as well as quelled suspicions of his ambition, by expanding the five legions into seven and suggesting several of Andropinis’ favored for command positions.

At the age of 31, he ran for office again, and upon his second electoral victory was swiftly elevated into the ranks of the Praetor Epistates.

Hyronius Phanes

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