House Rules

Reckless Breakage: When you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll, your weapon has a chance to break. You can accept the result, automatically missing the attack as usual, but keeping your weapon intact. Alternatively, you can reroll. Regardless of the reroll result, a nonmetal weapon breaks once the attack is complete. A metal weapon breaks only if you roll a natural 5 or lower on the reroll. This rule gives you a say in whether a weapon breaks. You can play it safe and except the errant attack, or you can attempt to avoid a miss by risking your weapon.

Accelerated Leveling: PbP games advance very, very slowly. This is the nature of the beast, and not necessarily bad – PbP games also allow more in-depth roleplaying. However, as a player I love leveling up, and I’m assuming you all enjoy this as well. Thus, instead of following the usual rules for XP and leveling up, we’re going to have a simplified system: every five encounters, you gain a level. Considering the speed of PbP games, this shouldn’t result in boringly fast power increases, but you should still see slowly the progress of your characters.

Training: When you level up, though, you have to do so in a place where you could reasonably train and relax – this won’t happen at the bottom of a dungeon or in the middle of sand dunes.

Using Skills: I encourage everyone to use their character’s skills creatively! When meeting new NPCs, use Insight to try to gauge their motivations, or use Perception when exploring the markets. I will use passive Insight and passive Perception if you don’t roll anything. Of course, Perception and Insight are only two skills; Arcana, Dungeoneering, Nature, and all the skills will have a part to play in the campaign. Sometimes, for non-critical skill checks, I will include a spoiler as such:

[spoiler=History DC 20]You recognize the statue as an artifact from the Green Age, when gods and primordial, massive beings of incomprehensible power, waged war. Only a few, scattered cults still worship the long-dead deities.[/spoiler]

Please don’t metagame – if you didn’t roll high enough, your character doesn’t know that information right now. :)

House Rules

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