Feron Navir

Feron Navir is a fairly young male elf of average build and unremarkable dress. He is also the captain and pilot of The Alluring Anakore.

Every movement of Feron’s is nervous and tense, a symptom of both his inexperience and intelligence. Well aware of the assumed elven predilection for theft and deceit, this budding trader demands every contract in writing, whether or not the parties involved are literate, and expects absolute compliance, both of himself and of others. He makes plans and backup plans and backups to the backup plans, plotting out every possible route and calculating the risk of each.

While he reveals little of his background, it is clear that he has worked for a merchant before, though it is unlikely he ran his own silt skimmer — in fact, when pressed, he admits that he taught himself to pilot the ship after failing to find a pilot that lived up to his expectations. This will be his first unsupervised journey.

His partnership with the carefree, lazy Jan So-Ruk appears to be a comedic premise straight from the stages of Balic, but they work well together; Feron’s exacting standards make up for Jan’s shiftless methods, while the veteran dwarf’s unflappable demeanor counterbalances the elf’s jittery edge.

Feron also displays, on occasion, a reverence for the elements and the ability to command them. If confronted about his talents, he will deny any defiling, admit to training in the elemental priesthood, and then tell you to bug off and mind your own damn business.

(If you speak Elven or know Elven culture, “navir” should ring some bells. “Navir” is a bastardized form of the elvish word for “monster,” and, more importantly, is the name of a legendary tribe of elven nomads whose feral and ferocious nature eclipses even that of the halflings.)

Feron Navir

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